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As part of the GCRF Safewater project, Dr Bill Snelling is working with Fundacion Cántaro Azul in Mexico for 3 weeks, increasing their microbiology skills & capacity. Then Bill will join and update the Safewater Training Workshop at the USP - Universidade de São Paulo.

Thanks to the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) UK Research and Innovation (SAFEWATER; EPSRC Grant Reference EP/P032427/1) and the Society for Applied Microbiology(SFAM) for their support, and to Cántaro Azul for being great hosts!

The Safewater project brings Ulster faculties together into one research team including engineering expertise from NIBEC, transdisciplinary analysis from Ulster Business School, nutritional health from NICHE, transitional justice at School of Law, behaviour sciences to assess end user engagement and adoption at School of Psychology and water microbiology at Biomedical Sciences Research Institute.

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