Studying Medicine at Ulster

What You Can Expect

Medicine at Ulster will provide you with an intensely practical medical education.  Our MBBS programme will have a problem-based and interdisciplinary learning focus to enable you to graduate not only demonstrating that you meet all the GMC ‘Outcomes for Graduates’; but that you are fully prepared to work as a member of an integrated health and social care team with a strong community focus.

You will benefit from access to practice learning placements across the full range of medical and surgical specialities, and significant opportunities for primary care-based experience, all of which will enable you to develop knowledge and appreciation of the interconnectivity between primary, secondary, social and community-based healthcare.  There will be an added opportunity for cross-border collaboration focusing on remote and rural medicine.

The programme will prepare you to be a 21st century doctor able to face the challenges of managing an ageing population, caring for patients with multiple long-term conditions, and managing the profound impact of mental health and distress on patients.

You will spend over 83 core weeks on clinical placement, with the opportunity of spending up to 30 per cent of this within primary care.