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Password Reset

How do I reset my SCEIS lab Password?


Note we can only reply to your University email address.

How do I reset my email/portal password?

How do I reset my Blackboard password?

Lab Access

How do I access Lab Computers and log in from home?

Ensure you have your Multifactor Authentication enabled correctly first by following the instructions below.

Then visit the downloads section.

Download and follow the SCEIS_SRAS instructions for Student or Staff member.


What Software do I need and where can I get it?

Your course supervisor or lecturer will advise you of what software is required for each course.

A complete list of software for all courses can be found in the downloads section.

Where are the computer labs?

There are approximately 320 computers on the Magee campus available to SCEIS students. They are 24Hr open access unless there is a class scheduled.

They are located in rooms,
  • MF124 - 80 Computers
  • MF116 - 55 Computers
  • MF218 - 80 Computers
  • MG122 - 56 Computers
  • MS011 - 16 Computers


What is my username?

Your username is unique to the School of Computing Engineering & Intelligent Systems (SCEIS) and is only used to access the School of Computing & Engineering computers. It is separate from your login details provided by Digital services.

Your SCEIS username and password will be provided to you via email or during your registration.

If you have forgot your username email

How do I contact the school office?

You can contact the school office here.


Printing services can be carried out in the main University areas.

Further details here.




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