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Media research topics

We invite potential applicants wishing to work on high quality and cutting edge research in contemporary Media, Cultural and Communication Studies (broadly construed). Each year we participate in an institutional competition for Vice-Chancellor's Research Scholarships (VCRS) and Department of Education and Learning (DEL) scholarships.

These awards cover fees and maintenance at rates comparable to the Research Councils. UK citizens of three years' residency are eligible for both schemes; EU and overseas citizens are eligible for VCRS only. More details are here:

Scholars in the Centre For Media Research at Ulster are working in the following three broad areas of research and we would particularly welcome applications in the following.

Campus location: Coleraine

Emerging Media, Pedagogy and Creative Industries

Projects or themes in this area could include one or a combination of: emerging media and creative practice, media play, gaming, speculative design, transmedial textualities, digital humanities, new technologies and social and cultural change, regional and inter-regional creative industries.

Critical Theory, Critical Regionalism, Public Culture and Media Policy

Projects or themes in this area could include one or a combination of: critical media studies, contemporary social, cultural and political theory, regionalism and urbanized capitalism, experimental film, media, cultural and arts policy in Ireland and the UK, political communication.

The Politics of the Image in Ireland and Beyond

Projects or themes in this area could include one or a combination of: the cultural representation of capitalism, class and gender, Ulster Loyalism, political cinema, alternative media, visual culture, gender studies, memory studies, the history of Irish photography, documentary theory and practice, audio visual storytelling and marginalised communities in contemporary Northern Ireland.

And now something completely different?

The Director of the Centre For Media Research is also interested in proposals in fields of enquiry that could sit in a potentially productive relationship to Media, Cultural and Communications.  These could include: women studies, performance, political studies, geography, urban studies, design, sociology, philosophy, aesthetics, psychoanalytical studies, language and literary culture. Further, there is an institutional drive at Ulster to provide ambitious cross-disciplinary PhD provision across arts, social sciences, humanities, business studies and STEM subjects such as computing, engineering and bio medical sciences. Again, if you are interested in pitching an ambitious inter-disciplinary proposal please email Dr Porter.

If you are interested in pursuing research work in any of the above areas, please email Dr Robert Porter, Director of the Centre of Media Research (