School of Law

The School of Law at Ulster University offers a broad range of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, which are taught on the Belfast and Derry/Londonderry campuses. As well as offering a single honours law degree students can study Law alongside another subject.


Providing an inspiring, engaging and intellectually stimulating environment for students of law at the undergraduate, post-graduate and CPD level

Law courses

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the School of Law.

Global Vision

We are committed to becoming – and remaining – a globally engaged and outward-looking entity which will attract as wide a range of international talent as possible.

Short Courses and CPD

Short courses and CPD at the School of Law.


Our research themes and topics.


Essential experience and knowledge of a working courtroom

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Specialist Units

Law Clinic

The Ulster University Law Clinic helps people with social security and employment law problems.

Transitional Justice Institue

A leading centre in developing the field in transitional justice.