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Blurring Genres

A new cutting edge research network funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council...

This project will put in place a network of  scholars and policy-makers to explore innovations in theory and practice in recovering the research methods of the Arts and Humanities encouraging their use by Political Scientists, Area Studies scholars and policy-makers in the UK and beyond.

It will investigate blurring genres, or crossing boundaries between the disciplines in pursuit of insight into making and remaking theory, policy and practice in modern government.

The group will bring together leading international scholars working on interpretive approaches to investigate what added value interdisciplinary research teams can bring to traditional research approaches.

Over the next two years  the network will study the use of narratives and meta-narratives (narratives about narratives) for Historians, Political Scientists, Sociologists, Anthropologists and Philosophers, as well as for policy-makers.

The Blurring Genres Network will encourage sharing of best practice to inform future policy-making and  innovative scholarly work.

The network will encourage interdisciplinary research between scholars in the United States, UK, China, Australia, Canada, Brazil and elsewhere with an international and comparative approach. It will also organize a research field that, to date, has been unstructured, lacking regional conferences, publications or directly relevant professional  associations.

Furthermore it will provide opportunities for UK scholars to lead  the world in this emerging field of international research while bringing together a number of learned societies.

Blurring Genres Network: Recovering the Humanities for Political Science and Area Studies:

Politics as Drama - Tuesday 28 June 2016

Policy, Stories and Narratives - Friday 18 November 2016

Politics as History and Area Studies - Monday 8 May 2017

Politics as Anthropology and Area Studies - Friday 23 June 2017

Listen to each of the speakers during this episode of Blurring Genres here.

Politics as Literature and Area Studies - Wednesday 6 September 2017

Listen to each of the speakers during this episode of Blurring Genres here.

Politics, Area Studies and the Visual Arts - Friday 17 November 2017