About the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences

Learn more about the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences.

The Social Sciences involve the analysis of social behaviour, processes and institutions in society.

The School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences is a multi-disciplinary department covering a wide range of academic subjects

  • Community Studies (including Community Development, Community Youth Work and Restorative Practices)
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice (including Policing and Prisons)
  • Health and Social Care Policy
  • Politics (including Peace and Conflict)
  • Sociology
  • Social Policy (including Public Policy and Administration)
  • Social Work

Based on two campuses, Jordanstown and Magee, the School has over 70 permanent members of academic and business support staff, together with additional fixed-term posts, research associates and visiting professors.

Together, they offer a wide range of vocationally relevant taught undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, all of which enjoy a long-established reputation for high quality teaching informed by nationally and internationally recognised research and scholarship. Indeed, we offer a global perspective in our curriculum with scope for international work based learning. Our staff are leaders in professional scholarship with an excellent research and scholarship profile.

All courses pay close attention to student support and career development mentoring with placement or work-based learning opportunities forming an integral part of our undergraduate provision, potentially leading to a diverse range of challenging but rewarding careers.

Where appropriate, several of our programmes are accredited by the relevant professional bodies, providing an additional important dimension to the qualifications awarded in these areas.

We have a high overall student satisfaction rating with several programmes achieving over 90% satisfaction in successive annual National Student Surveys. As well as undergraduate and postgraduate studies, we also offer specialist supervision for funded PhD research, working with the University’s Doctoral College.

A characteristic of all our programmes is the diverse opportunities for students wishing to avail of study abroad and work-based learning at home or abroad.

Staff within the School strive to ensure the best quality learning and teaching with a high proportion of them having professional accreditation with the Higher Education Academy and many being recognised leaders in professional scholarship.

We have a rich and diverse seam of research interests within the School reflecting the international and local reputation of evidence based practice and research. Staff within the School are highly research active, working concurrently through various Research Institutes, but primarily either the Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS) or the globally renowned Transitional Justice Institute (TJI).

The School is also home to the University’s International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE) that regularly plays host to distinguished speakers from overseas. We strive to integrate our research activity into our undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.

The School offers an encouraging and supportive educational environment that will challenge and inspire you to get the best from your time spent at Ulster.