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When you look in your bin, what do you see? How do you feel?

Waste, with its stench and contamination, with its broken, dirty provocation, with its insult to what’s trending, is all that which is no longer wanted. We rarely have to confront the things we throw away — until, that is, they come back to haunt us. Think of a blocked toilet, a straw stuck in a turtle’s nose, an ex-lover. But waste, with its radical potential for re-use, re-purpose, and reclamation, is also a second chance. Both verb and noun, passive and active, self and other, endlessly hybrid, we experience waste viscerally. Waste comments on our personal habits and values, and on the economies and socio-cultural systems which work to create and destroy value.

This interactive workshop asks you to consider the everyday objects that make up your everyday. It asks questions about how we interact with things, and how these interactions shape us.

Come and rummage around in the bin bag of your mind as we think about the material world, about what matter matters and why.

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Event info

This event has ended

Monday 23 March

1pm to 1.40pm

BA-00-008. Academy Room

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