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Around 350,000 workers in Northern Ireland have dependent children. Of these, around 70% have ‘intensive childcare requirements’.* The Executive has indicated that childcare is a critical priority as we exit lockdown and has allocated significant funds to support the reopening and recovery of the sector, alongside the publication of a Childcare Recovery Plan.

As Northern Ireland emerges from lockdown and workers return to their jobs, it is critical that the spotlight remains on childcare provision, and its vital role as a necessary component of a functioning society and key to our economic recovery.

This webinar will examine provision of childcare in Northern Ireland; the rights issues involved; the pre-existing difficulties in accessing appropriate, affordable, flexible childcare; and the specific pressures added by the pandemic.

Speakers include

  • Aoife Hamilton (Employers For Childcare)
  • Louise Coyle (Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network)
  • Louise Neeson (Parent)

*Nevin Economic Research Institute

This event is part of the Covid Conversations - Human Rights in a Pandemic series.

A series of events organised by the Transitional Justice Institute, the Equality Coalition and the Human Rights Consortium designed to start important conversations about the human rights implications of the pandemic for people in Northern Ireland.

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Thursday 6 August



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