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Keynote Lecture provided by Dr Louise Tythacott, SOAS University of London.

By examining the collection and display of East Asian objects and images in museums, this seminar will give new insights into the changing place of East Asian art within today’s society. Papers from leading scholars, curators and early career researchers will focus on three themes: interpretation, representation and the art market.

The collection and display of Eastern objects within a Western context has become an important theme within current arts and museum studies research and practice. In today’s cosmopolitan and multicultural societies issues surrounding representation and have become critical for galleries and museums. This has led to greater scrutiny of the interpretation of such collections and forms of engagement. Also explored will be the implications of the rise in the value and significance of East Asian art for galleries, museums and private collectors.

Hosted by the Music, Drama, Film and Museum Studies Research Unit

Organising Committee: Stephanie Harper; Prof Elizabeth Crooke; Dr Philip McDermott

Event info

This event has ended

Tuesday 16 April

10am to 4pm

Ulster Museum Lecture Theatre

Stephanie Harper

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