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Presented by: Rory McGloin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business & Communication, University of Connecticut. Visiting Professor of Communication, Ulster University.

Featuring Special Guest: Abood Al Jumaili (aka Bonnar Ó Loingsigh), DEI Advocate & Advisor, AIG Dublin GAA DEI Ambassador. Tagline: “Now that’s lovely hurling!”

Program Description

Everyone has a personal brand, but not everyone is maximizing the impact of their personal brand. In this conversation, Rory and Abood will explore the critical process of identifying, curating, and telling the story of your personal brand in an effort to grow your network in a more meaningful and influential manner.

This seminar style conversation will review a process of developing a more poignant personal brand and will feature examples that bring this process to life from special guest Abood Al Jumaili, a DEI Advocate and Dublin GAA DEI Ambassador, who has built an internationally recognized personal brand in his journey from Iraq to Ireland.

Program Detail

In this seminar style conversation, attendees will have the opportunity to think critically about their personal brands and hear more about a process to help develop a more poignant version of their personal brand in an effort to maximize and extend their existing social and professional networks. A personal brand offers each individual the opportunity to be easily recognized as an expert, thought leader, or valued provider in a distinct area.

Regardless of your career or vocation, it's critical that your audiences are able to easily identify and recall who you are and what you offer, which we believe starts and ends with the ways in which you communicate your core values and key characteristics. By identifying and committing to a personal branding strategy you’ll increase the consistency of your messaging and ultimately increase the effectiveness of your engagements over time.

Finally, when it comes time to communicate and deliver your story (across all channels, including social media), your personal brand will help to define your approach and thus make it easier for your audiences to retain your key-takeaways with greater accuracy.

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Event info

This event has ended

Thursday 19 May

5pm to 6.30pm


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