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Time for truth and justice

After a long campaign, survivors from Mother and Baby and Magdalene Laundry institutions now have the opportunity to co-design an inquiry into the human rights abuses they suffered.

Women in Northern Ireland have told Amnesty that they suffered arbitrary detention, forced labour, ill-treatment, and the removal and forced adoption of their babies – human rights violations.

Meanwhile, their babies were routinely branded as ‘illegitimate’ on birth, taken from their mothers as newborns -- some to be adopted without consent, while others were put into loveless institutions, only to face death by malnutrition and burial in mass graves.

Amnesty International is continuing its decade-long work with survivors to ensure truth and justice.

In March 2021, a six-month government-approved process of co-designing the inquiry began.

The information and resources on the below Amnesty web page should help survivors and other stakeholders to navigate this process and ensure a human rights compliant investigation is delivered.

Online Events

Following the publication of a report researching Mother and Baby institutions in Northern Ireland, survivors are being invited to co-design an inquiry into the issue.

In a process that will last up to six months, the design and terms of reference of the investigation process will be agreed.

Amnesty International and Ulster University are holding a series of online events with experts and survivors to inform what this process should look like.

They will be available to watch at, starting from 29th March and dates thereafter.

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