Distilling History: The Dramaturgy of ‘Madame Geneva’

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Magee campus

MQ226 (Foyle Arts Building)
Dr Tanya Dean

Creative Arts Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series...

For its run in the Lyric theatre in the summer of 2017, Madame Geneva bore the catchy tag-line, “A Tale of Gin and Prostitutes.” Yet this pithy phrasing belies the complexity of the play’shistorical narratives. Throughout this bawdy and Brechtian play with music, playwright Jo Egan finds narrative and causal connections between the introduction of the gin industry to the United Kingdom, the resultant explosion of capitalism and imperialism, and a concomitant moral backlash that ultimately led to the foundation of the first Magdalene Laundry. In this seminar, Dr. Tanya Dean will examine some of these narratives within the play through a feminist dramaturgical lens, in particular looking at the othering of the sexualized female body.


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