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The event, hosted by Ulster University's Music, Drama, Film and Heritage research unit and School of Arts and Humanities, will take place over two days: 17th June and 24th June.

Day one will focus more on examples of practice-based research approaches, with presenters including Dr Carolann North (poet), Dr Trish Morgan (media artist and lecturer, Dublin City University), Dr Stephen Roddy (artist-researcher in data-driven sound and music, Trinity College Dublin), Dr Brona Martin (composer-researcher, University of Southampton), and Dr Robin Parmar (artist-researcher across various media and lecturer, University of Limerick).

Day two will continue discussions of practice-based research, but will also focus on career paths, with presentations from Dr Laura Aguiar (community engagement, Nerve Centre), Dr Jenn Kirby (composer-performer-researcher in music technology, University of the West of Scotland), Dr Richard Graham (CEO Delta Sound Labs, USA, and former tenure-track assistant professor at a US university). Day two will conclude with the rare opportunity of a two-hour workshop from Ottowa-based Dr Chris Cornthwaite, author of Doctoring: Building a Life with a PhD, tailored to PhDs in creative and practice-based arts

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11:00AM - 05:00PM