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Fidelma Ashe will be joining colleagues from QUB, Coventry and Sligo to discuss the impact of artist interventions on society and policy at this Being Human Festival event.

This event will include a discussion, screening and exhibition of the creative processes and outputs of the AHRC and PaCCS funded project ‘LGBTQ Visions of Peace in a Society Emerging from Conflict’.

The project has aimed to relocate – to ‘find’ – the ignored and marginalised – the ‘lost’ – contributions and stories of LGBTQ people in imagining what a peaceful society could and/or should look like, post conflict. Following from focus groups, photography and performance workshops were hosted and facilitated by experienced professionals from Belfast Exposed and TheatreofplucK. They were designed to generate a range of creative and discursive practices to give voice, visibility and reach to representative LGBTQ visions of peace.

Now, open to the public in Belfast and beyond, and presented to several members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the outcomes of the project aim for social and political impact on notions and narratives of peaceful, inclusive living. The project also runs in collaboration with The Rainbow Project and Outburst Queer Arts festival, and its reach will extend across communities to ensure that that which has been ‘lost’ can be ‘found’, and remain so.

Please register for free here.

Event info

This event has ended

Friday 24 November

11am to 3pm

The Exchange Place, 23 Donegall Street, Belfast

Being Human Festival

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