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You are invited to submit an e-portfolio of your own work, consisting of up to 25 slides in a single PowerPoint document.

You should not use a blog site or specialized platform. Nothing fancy. Your work must be easily and quickly accessible.

This e-portfolio should demonstrate how you explore and express your ideas and interests in Art, Design and Media. We are interested in final outcomes but the development of your work is of equal importance to us as it shows how you research and make decisions.

You can illustrate this by including whatever type of work best represents you  and your passion to study Art and Design.

The following list makes some suggestions of what you might like to include images of or links to.


Please note: these are only suggestions

  • Personal sketchbooks; B&W/ colour drawings;
  • Photographs of 3D or large-scale work;
  • Paintings; a range 2D media employed
  • Visual research and ideas development;
  • Your own photography; digital artwork;
  • Animation or videos - add a hyperlink in the PowerPoint if your animation or film is on Vimeo etc.

We look for inventiveness, innovation, exploration and a willingness to push beyond comfort zones. We expect curiosity and ambition.

We want you to see how you experiment and express your ideas as well as resolve a piece of work.

We are looking for students who are passionate about following a career in Art or Design or Digital Media, and are willing to collaborate and to share experiences; to write, research and to present.