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Our research falls into the following main themes:

  • Community activism (local and global) framing emancipatory learning in a fresh dynamic narrative
  • Sustainable development (meeting present community needs without compromising future generations)
  • Transformational learning creating critical pedagogy for social change
  • Educational disadvantage in working class communities; adult education; and widening access to third level education
  • Migrants and asylum seekers (in terms of care, advocacy and assimilation)

Our Impact

Our research on widening participation has led to a significant number of student intake at degree level in HE through our Accreditation of Prior Learning and Unblocking Potential courses that are organised and delivered within local communities.

Our Unblocking Potential training model has been adopted by other academics within Ulster University and is highly regarded as a first step towards encouraging adults from disenfranchised and contested communities to return to study and advance their learning in HE.

Our latest research project ‘Transforming Communities Through Academic Activism: An Emancipatory, Praxis-led Approach” was published in the Internationally acclaimed journal and is an important article in our teaching (and researching) of community development.

Our collaborative partnerships include colleagues from across the globe, such as the members of the International Association for Community Development and members of the All Ireland Standards Board, sharing specialist knowledge and skills specifically related to Community Development.

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