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The research results have been disseminated through combination of academic publications, reports, policy briefings, public engagement events, knowledge transfer activities, and the media. Professor Lundy’s research output ranks highly in REF reviews, reflecting the School’s research excellence values. The research outputs can be accessed via Ulster University’s Research Portal, PURE.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Lundy, Patricia (2018), (with Prof K. Mahoney), Representing Survivors: A Critical Analysis of Recommendations to Resolve Northern Ireland’s Historical Child Abuse Claims. Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research (IJR), Representing Justice, Volume 7: Winter 2018, 7.  pp. 258-291.

Lundy, P. “I just want justice”: A Critical Analysis of the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry in Northern Ireland, (forthcoming) Éire-Ireland Special Issue: Towards Transitional Justice in Ireland: Addressing the Legacies of Harm, Spring 2020.

Reports/Briefing Papers

Lundy, Patricia & Mahoney, Kathleen (May 2016), What Survivors Want: Part 2 A Compensation Framework for Historic Abuses in Residential Institutions

Lundy, Patricia (March 2016) Historical Institutional Abuse: What Survivors Want From Redress. Panel of Experts on Redress

Lundy, Patricia (April 2017) (with Prof K. Mahoney), Response to Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry Redress Recommendations: The Panel of Experts on Redress Position Paper and Recommendations

Briefing Paper (Sept 2018): Proposed Improvements to HIA Inquiry Compensation, The Panel of Experts on Redress