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Research Institute Support

IRISS aims to enrich the postgraduate experience by strengthening research training, enhancing the research environment and promoting interaction between post-graduate researchers and staff across the disciplines.

It is increasingly recognised that a thriving community of postgraduate students contribute to the overall research culture and assist in social regeneration initiatives.

Our work is guided by a commitment to developing a supportive and collaborative environment where postgraduate students are involved in all aspects of the unit’s life, including academic events, public engagement, publishing and training. In pursuit of this objective IRISS has developed, in collaboration with other units and the Research Graduate School, a range of initiatives designed to enhance the student experience. They include:

  • A methodological master-class series led by senior researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Postgraduate writing workshops, seminar series, and conferences.
  • Student led reading groups that examine key theoretical frameworks and policy debates.
  • Interdisciplinary supervision teams that employ a group-supervision approach.
  • Research student away-days that cover a range of theoretical, methodological and analytical themes.
  • Supporting students to attend relevant conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Encouraging collaborations between students and staff that produce outstanding research and/or impact.

Research Graduate School Support

In addition to RI support, research students have access to a range of facilities and services provided by the Faculty Research Graduate School (RGS). All full time research students in the Faculty of Social Sciences are provided with access to a desk, storage and IT facilities (hardware, software and technical support) in shared office space on their home campus. On admission, in addition to the University induction, students receive face to face induction into the Faculty RGS by the Head of RGS, and are introduced to the RGS secretary. Throughout their period of study the RGS:

  • acts as a hub for information,
  • financially administer Research Training Support Grant funds for students with funding,
  • provides advice, organisation and general support for research students and supervisors,
  • and organises regular social events.

At induction, research students are advised to meet individually with subject librarians who provide ongoing support throughout the period of study, in addition to the excellent online researcher support available at the library website. Students are expected to participate in the University Research Development programme (informed by the Vitae Research Development Framework), which offers generic and research skills training; students may also participate in the University’s Doctoral Innovation Programme. The latter includes an opportunity for those who successfully complete the required assessment to receive certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management of a Level 5 unit in Project Management.

Teaching opportunities are available to research students and are supported by the Research Development Programme’s courses for Postgraduate Tutors and Demonstrators, Introduction to Teaching and Learning and First Steps to Supporting Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Part time students are inducted in the same way and may request access to a desk and IT facilities on a shared or temporary basis. They are also invited to avail of all other training and support available to full time students.