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The centre for the Study of Young Men is located in the Department of Community Youth Work at Ulster University.

It aims to promote the voice, needs and interests of boys and young men through research that will inform practice, training and policy.

Key research areas include male underachievement, masculinity, violence and male transitions.

The main focus of social work research at Ulster is on:

  • Understanding professional issues associated with helping vulnerable members of society, particularly in relation to decision making, assessment, risk, vulnerability, abuse, resilience, crime, addiction, attachment, loss, disability and trauma.
  • Promoting good professional practice in social work and social care organisations including evidence based practice, management and skills in education and training.

Recent examples of our work include:

  • Studies of assessment and decision making in child protection including the application of the concept of significant harm.
  • Studies of the protection of vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect, including CARDI-funded all-Ireland study of older people’s concepts of elder abuse.
  • Studies of substance misuse amongst prisoners, young people and minority ethnic groups, and the effectiveness of interventions.
  • Studies of resilience and emotional intelligence amongst professionals who help people deal with trauma.