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The Eastern Corridor Medical Engineering Centre (ECME) will host a presentation and panel discussion on how developments in Artificial Intelligence are impacting healthcare practices across the Global South. Healthcare professionals from South America to Sub Saharan Africa are now able to use AI enabled systems and applications to help diagnose conditions and suggest appropriate treatments for patients in resource poor settings. In South Africa for instance, AI apps are being used to improve predictions of cholera outbreaks and in the Philippines, researchers have developed a machine learning tool to identify weather and land-use patterns associated with dengue fever transmission.

Following the presentation, a distinguished international panel with backgrounds in AI, wearable sensors and healthcare app development, will discuss the challenges facing medical professionals in the Global South and how AI could improve individual and population health. At the conclusion of the meeting the ECME team will demonstrate a low-cost patient-centred ‘Tricorder’ diagnostic device solution which allows patients to accurately symptom-check their conditions through intuitive questions on a smartphone. They are guided with graphical instructions on how to use colour-coded supporting equipment, which communicates with their smart-phone via Bluetooth to diagnose everything from strep throat to urinary tract infection. ECME is a collaborative research project focusing on improving cardiovascular health. It is a partnership between 5 leading academic research centres and the Southern Health & Social Care Trust. ECME is funded by the European Union’s Interreg VA Programme which is managed by the Special EU Programmes body (SEUPB).

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Tuesday 22 October

6pm to 7pm

Conor Lecture Theatre

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