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Digital communication channels are revolutionising the way organisations structure their business operations, specifically in regards to how they engage their internal communication strategies. Internal communications lay at the heart of an organisation's success, as they represent the manner in which the business plan and vision moves from idea to implementation.

Organisations around the globe have spent millions of pounds scrambling to quickly adopt a range of new digital channels, hoping they will result in a more efficient operation. However, as more organisations continue to make these digital adoptions (i.e. video teleconferencing systems), have they thought carefully about the training and development that needs to go with their adoption? Has your organisation identified and adopted a set of best-practices for the implementation of digital communication channels? Furthermore, how many organisations have thought through the long-term implications of these adoptions and worked those plans into their strategic visions? These are critical questions as we turn the corner into a new decade of digital transformation.

This presentation seeks to examine the scope of these digital adoptions, with an eye towards their impact on today’s workforce, as well as their influence on future organisational communication norms.

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This event has ended

Thursday 5 March

6pm to 7.30pm

The MAC, 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast

Corporate Events Office

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