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Professor Paul Ross, University College Cork will deliver the 2018 Annual Dairy Council Nutrition Lecture

The human gut microbiota consists of a complex population of trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi that reside in the human intestine, and is an area of research that has been transformed in recent times, with studies demonstrating the important and central role which is played in host health and disease status. A good start is important and the human microbiome is established from birth where it undoubtedly has a profound impact on early infant health and indeed probably on later life.  Many health conditions are associated with changes in the microbiome ranging from infection, obesity and diabetes to cancer and even depression. Indeed, it is now apparent that the relationship between diet and the intestinal microbiota impacts upon host metabolic activity and phenotype on a range of levels including across the brain/gut axis.  Consequently, there is an increasing need to focus on approaches whereby the microbiome can be modified in a positive manner from a compositional perspective.  At APC Microbiome Ireland, we are adopting a number of strategies to influence the microbiome towards improved health outcomes.  These include the use of specific dietary interventions ranging from dairy ingredients to complex carbohydrates to novel antimicrobial strategies utilizing bacteriocins and bacterial viruses (bacteriophages). We believe that such strategies will allow the sculpting of the microbiome composition in a precise way to deliver functionality for improved health outcomes.

The event takes place in Lecture Theatre U123 and is open to everyone.

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Wednesday 14 November

7pm to 8.30pm

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