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The Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health, Ulster University, in association with The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland invites you to the Annual Dairy Council Nutrition Lecture presented by Professor Adam Drewnowski, Director, Center for Public Health Nutrition , University of Washington

The four domains of sustainability, as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations are health, economics, society and the environment.  Sustainable food patterns need to be nutrient-rich, affordable, with social and cultural appeal, and with low impact on the environment.

Each of the domains has its own metrics and measures. Nutrient density of food and food patterns has been measured using nutrient profiling (NP) methods.

Newly developed NP methods now focus on protein quality, separating animal and plant proteins. Although all four domains are critical to sustainable food and nutrition security, the social and economic components of sustainable food systems remain undervalued.

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Wednesday 25 November

4pm to 5.30pm


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