The provision, safe operation and maintenance of fixed building services to support academic activity. These comprise the following major systems :

 Building Environmental Services   Heating
 Electrical Service   Medium Voltage Supplies -   3 phase 400 volts
  Small power -                          13 amp 220 volt (socket outlets)
  Emergency Standby Supplies
 Building Safety Service   Fire Alarm 
  Automatic Fire Protection Systems
  Emergency Lighting
  Closed Circuit Television
  Intruder Alarms
  Public Address Systems
  Safe Communication Systems
 Special Services   Compressed Air
  Specialist Gases Infrastructure

Note : Fixed building services are those services which are "part of the building". Physical Resources' responsibility extends to the point of supply of the service eg. socket / connection point. Any equipment which may be connected to a fixed building supply service is the responsibility of the user department.


The majority of events and conferences are arranged via the Conference Office.

However, where a faculty or department wish to run an internal event on their own behalf i.e. no external guests, then they may find the following contacts below useful. Early preparation is the key to a successful outcome, and as soon as you are aware of a forthcoming event please contact us. This will allow us to reserve / advise on the infrastructure items you may require for the event.

To book rooms for all Campuses use the Helpdesk

We will ensure that your requirements for room layout, lighting and heating are all considered.

If audio visual equipment, floral displays or catering are required, contacts are as follows:

  1. Contact Audio Visual Services for projectors, sound, flipcharts etc.

    Bookings should be made via the IT User Services Web page at:

    Alternatively by contacting the following by telephone or electronic mail

    Coleraine 24247
    Magee 75432
    Belfast 67277
    Jordanstown 66389
  2. Contact Estates for floral displays
    Coleraine & Magee, Gerry Lundy 24431
    Jordanstown & Belfast    

3.    Contact the Catering Department web site: wsit


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The heating Procedure

The Estates Section is responsible for the provision and efficient management of utilities to the buildings of the University to support the academic activity.

Further information on Energy and Environmental Sustainability at the University can be found on the Environmental Sustainability home page.

Minor Works

The provision of new, refurbished or modified buildings, service installations, external works and fittings with an estimated value in excess of £1,000 (estimated value to be provided by Estates section). Minor works if approved are funded centrally by the University through an annual bidding process.

Submissions can also be made by Faculties/Departments for Minor Works schemes for which they are prepared to fund.

Letters of invitation are generally issued by Physical Resources in October, with completed prioritised bids being returned to Physical Resources for costing by the end of December.

Prioritised and costed bids are presented for selection and approval to the Provosts, Director of Finance, Director of Physical Resources and Deputy Director of Physical Resources. An agreed schedule of Minor Works Bids is submitted to the May meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee for approval.

Download Minor Works Form


The department will endeavour to create and maintain a state of safety within which staff and students may work and live unhindered by crime, vandalism or nuisance.

Reception have responsibility for:

  • Meeting and greeting visitors to the university and be the first point of contact.
  • Registering visitors and then issue and collect visitors badges.
  • Give directions to visitors, staff and students .
  • Contacting members of staff to notify them of visitors arrivals.
  • Act as first point of contact for students enquries.
  • Assist staff and students with access control issues.

Reception Contact Numbers



Reception are not to be used for items in transit, collection / delivery of student work ,also they will not keep brief cases or other items under any circumstances

Security have responsibility in the following areas:

  • patrolling all areas of the University.
  • enforcing University Traffic Regulations, and managing car parking.
  • maintaining the provision of portable fire fighting equipment.
  • evacuation of the premises in the case of a drill or an emergency.
  • monitoring the University’s C.C.T.V. systems.
  • reporting and log all incidents of crime, vandalism and nuisance.
  • issuing and control all keys within the University.
  • providing escorts where necessary.
  • maintaining good order and discipline.
  • reporting faults and defects within the grounds and buildings.

If you have a crime or incident to report, please use the form below and return it to the Facilities Services Manager as indicated on the form. This will be given immediate and confidential attention.

Crime Incident Reporting Form

Download Form

Space Management

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This should include

  • WarpIT
  • Disposal of items
  • Recycled waste requests

Estates Strategy

The Estate Strategy aims to describe in one document:

  • The link between the academic plan, the financial plan and the Estate Strategy.
  • The University's existing estate, its condition and performance.
  • The current and future requirements of the estate, and the changes required to implement those requirements.
  • The problems of the estate.
  • The opportunities for development and rationalisation.
  • The options available to the University.
  • An evaluation resulting in preferred options.
  • Proposals for implementation of the Estate Strategy, including financing and how this strategic document can be converted into annual plans which enable delivery.

Estates Strategy Document

Incident Reporting

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