It's too early to start thinking about and working on my career

It's never too early to start thinking about your future

You might feel like it is too early but the truth is there is no 'too early' when it comes to developing the skills and qualities you need to be successful. It's also important to recognise that thinking about your career doesn't need to be an arduous and pressurised task. If you do start thinking about it then logic tells us that you will be more informed and aware of what you need to be successful.

Starting with small steps:

Start by adding some positive habits to your routine that will help you become more informed about your employability:

  • Follow @Careersatulster on social media. You can browse our content including Instagram takeovers, updates on jobs and opportunities and more.
  • Seek out information on what previous students and graduates have done. Ask your Course Director or contact us for this kind of information.
  • Follow employers on social media. Most employers have a social media presence that will help you get a better understanding of who they are and what they do.
  • Register for the EDGE Award and we'll contact you to talk you through some of the activities you can get involved.

You can also get in touch with us at any time for an informal chat or advice for your employability and career.

Experience is Key

Half of graduate jobs are filled by graduates that have previously worked for that employer. Work experience comes in different forms from year long placements to shorter internships to part time jobs and insight programmes

1st Year2nd Year3rd Year


Volunteering is a great way of gaining experience, building confidence and expanding your network. It also demonstrates motivation as well as good values. Search for opportunities via UUSU and use volunteering as part of the Ulster EDGE Award.

PT Jobs & Volunteering

Developing your work experience is the number one way of gaining a competitive advantage. Search for part time jobs and volunteering opportunities through Recruit

Use your network

By utilising your existing network and continuing to expand your connections you will increase your chances of gaining relevant work experience and graduate level employment. Build a professional LinkedIn profile and speak to your Employability & Careers about their industry connections.

Part time jobs

One of the most important ways you gain experience is through your part time job so ensuring that you are working in the best part time job you can secure is critical. Look for part time job opportunities through Recruit

Year long placements

Completing a year long placement improves your confidence, knowledge, network, self awareness and research shows that it also improves your academic performance in final year. Search for year long placements through Recruit.

Graduate Internships

The Professional Experience Programme and Santander SME Internship Programme provide Ulster graduates with paid internship opportunities that usually lead to offers of employment. Search opportunities through Recruit.​


Internships are usually full time Summer roles open to students between 1st-2nd year and 2nd-final year. Big employers often have Summer internship programmes and we work with smaller organisations to create new roles. View internship opportunities via to Recruit


Internships allow you to gain experience, build your network, develop your confidence and self awareness. Often, if you perform well, they lead to job offers. Search for internship opportunities now through Recruit.

Working Abroad

Programmes like the US NI Mentorship Programme, the Export Orientation Programme and others offer local finalist job opportunities across the world. Find out more by registering for our Go Global mailing list.

Utilise and expand your network

Tip 1

Explore your current network. Make sure your family and friends know that you are looking for work experience and start to organise your contacts.

Tip 2

Speak to your careers department early. Ask them what employers you could contact and how you can make speculative approaches.

Tip 3

Create a professional, effective LinkedIn profile that clearly shows that you are looking for opportunities. Use the Career Development Centre for advice.


Each campus has a dedicated Employability & Careers Hub and you can call in Monday - Thursday 9am - 4:30pm and Friday 9am - 3:30pm.

We know that outside of term you might not be able to get to your campus so you can access advice through ​online chat, careers advice appointments (including via Skype), email and telephone.

Employability & Career Hub locations:

CampusLocationAccessing Advice

Drop-in advice available 10am-12pm Monday-Friday (15 min consultations)

Book a 30 minute consultation


Drop in advice available 10am-11am & 2-3pm Monday-Friday (15 minute consultations)

Book a 30 minute consultation


Drop-in advice available 10am-12pm Monday-Friday (15 minute consultations)

Book a 30 minute consultation


Book a 30 minute consultation