I am prepared to apply for employment

Preparing to apply

Whether you are applying to a placement role, graduate job, international opportunity or campus based job you can ensure that you are as well prepared as possible. This will ensure that you present the best version of yourself and maximise your chances of getting shortlisted for interview and securing the role you want. Check out our dedicated page focusing on Application Support.

Self Awareness- Your foundation to career success

Your ability to write the best CV you can, the best possible LinkedIn profile, the best job application is based on your knowledge of yourself- your self awareness. One of the most important things you can do is recognise the importance of your self awareness and committing to ensuring that you continually develop your self awareness. But how?

1) Explore Experiences
Real confidence is gained through experiences. Many people fail to recognise the value of experiences they have gained, meaning they aren't as confident as they might be. Register for the Ulster EDGE Award and get in touch with us about what extra curricular activities would be best suited to you and your needs.

2) Identify skills
Recognising the skills you have demonstrated through experiences and achievements means that you are better placed too create the evidence you need to showcase your abilities to others. To help you identify the skills you have gained through our part time employment why not try our EDGE Award activity Work Experience Skills Builder.

3) Create evidence
Telling the story that will help the listener see the skills you have is a skill in itself and one that many struggle with. Start by recording your skills evidence through our Skills Portfolio tool.

4) Build and demonstrate confidence
Now that you have explored your experiences, identified your skills, created the evidence it is now time to learn how to frame your experience in a way that makes the best impact possible. Get in touch with us and we can give you personalised advice on how to project confidence.

Methods of application

Employers are now using a range of methods to accept job applications. Employers use a range of application methods although CVs and online applications are still the most commonly used. If you are interested in working for a larger graduate employer then you will need advice on the range of methods they tend to use.

Our team of Employability Advisors are ready to provide you with the guidance, support and coaching you need to be as competitive and confident as possible.

You can also access instant CV feedback through our VMock CV Improvement platform

What to include in your CV What to include in your CV

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What to include in your CV