I am planning to complete a work placement as part of my degree

Firstly, you need to understand the terminology and what placement and work experience options apply to you. This will depend on your year group and also your course.
A year long placement may be an optional or compulsory part of your degree programme and if so, you'll be looking to secure opportunities through Year 2 of your course. You may have shorter term professional placements as part of your degree (for example Nursing, Occupational therapy) or other models of learning that will help you engage employers and get a better understanding of the work environment.

Understanding your options

First Year

Relevant experience can be gained through your part time job, volunteering opportunities, a summer internship or even working abroad for the summer.

Second Year

Second year is a crucial year for developing the experiences and qualities graduate employers look for.
Internships, year long placements, part-time jobs and volunteering all offer opportunities to build confidence, develop skills and stand out from the crowd.

Final Year

You may be able to secure relevant part time experience that you can do while studying. Towards the end of your Final Year you should also consider our range of graduate internships as these programmes are exclusively available to Ulster University students and graduates. The Graduate Leadership Programme and Santander SME Internship Programme both offer paid, fixed term opportunities that usually lead to permanent graduate employment.

Work Experience optionsWho are these opportunities relevant to?


Volunteering is a great way of gaining experience, building confidence and expanding your network. It also demonstrates motivation as well as good values. Search for opportunities through UUSU and use volunteering as part of the Ulster EDGE Award.

All year groups

Go Global

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All year groups

Campus jobs

One of the most important ways you gain experience is through your part time job so ensuring that you are working in the best part time job you can secure is critical. Look for Campus job opportunities through Recruit

All year groups


Internships are usually full time Summer roles open to students between 1st-2nd year and 2nd-final year. Big employers often have Summer internship programmes and we work with smaller organisations to create new roles. Go to ​​Recruit to view opportunities.

Year 1 & 2

Year long placements

Completing a year long placement improves your confidence, knowledge, network, self awareness and research shows that it also improves your academic performance in final year. Search for year long placements through Recruit.

Year 2

Graduate Internships

The Graduate Leadership Programme and Santander SME Internship Programme provide Ulster graduates with paid internship opportunities that usually lead to offers of employment. Search opportunities through Recruit.​

Final Year students

Securing placement Securing placement

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Securing placement


Each campus has a dedicated Employability & Careers Hub and you can call in Monday - Thursday 9am - 4:30pm and Friday 9am - 3:30pm.

We know that outside of term you might not be able to get to your campus so you can access advice through ​online chat, careers advice appointments (including via Skype), email and telephone.

Employability & Career Hub locations:

CampusLocationAccessing Advice

Drop-in advice available 10am-12pm Monday-Friday (15 min consultations)

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Drop in advice available 10am-11am & 2-3pm Monday-Friday (15 minute consultations)

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Drop-in advice available 10am-12pm Monday-Friday (15 minute consultations)

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Book a 30 minute consultation