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Preparation for Employment Module

This is a 5 point module taken by year 2 environmental sciences students at Coleraine.

Outline of Activity

This activity includes develop an individual’s career potential and career pathway; Identify through a skills audit, strengths and areas for improvement in a student’s skills-set; Personal development planning and the personal development system; Identify environmental/geographical/marine science job opportunities and developing further job searching abilities; Production of a written CV and applications form and; Preparation for and undertaking a mock competency-based interview.

Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate an awareness of the range of environmental, geographical and marine science career opportunities available.
  • Understand the means by which job searches can be effectively and efficiently carried out.
  • Understand the importance of a professional approach to career development.


  • Reflect on their own career choices and develop action plans to support these.


  • Demonstrate the skills necessary for applying for work placements and employment.
  • Use PDP to identify, in their own skills-set, those areas that require improvement and to develop strategies for that improvement.


  • Use communication skills in preparation of reports and presentations and for interview experience.
  • Develop self-management skills through time organisation and meeting deadlines.

Assessment Details

There are three coursework submissions:

Coursework 1:
This coursework element is focussed on the student’s engagement with PDP and the University’s PD System. A skills audit with the assembling of the evidence will form the core of this component.
This work is worth 20% of the total marks available.

Due: Week 4 – 18th October

Coursework 2:
This coursework element is focussed on the student’s application to a particular post.
The work handed in will consist of at least:

  • A job application form
  • An appropriate CV
  • This work is worth 40% of the total marks available.

Due: Week 5 – 25th October

Coursework 3:

This coursework element is focussed on the student’s preparation for and participation in a mock professional, competency-based interview.
This work is worth 40% of the total marks available. (Week 5 - 9)

Level of Commitment

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