Care and Leadership Management

This activity encourages you to identify and reflect the significant contribution to your university education that caring and managing within a home-based work experience provides.

Outline of Activity

Learning by doing is critical for today’s labour market. This activity is centred on learning and reflecting on management and leadership skills you have developed in the home environment, whilst caring for a child/children or a family member during your time studying at University. Identifying and recoding your learning and development and evidencing your skills through authentic examples. This activity also gives recognition that you have continued your self-learning beyond the classroom environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of your current care management and leadership experience and applying this to gaining future graduate employment
  • Understand the importance of ‘learning by doing’
  • Identify examples of transferable skills gained through practical care, management and leadership experience
  • Understand the importance employers place on ‘hands-on’ experience
  • Support the articulation and reflective practice against key employability skills.

Assessment Details

Part 1

  • Create a visual poster (developed from a provided template containing four images and two text boxes, maximum 100 words each) representing and summarising the overall management and leadership caring experience/skills you have developed.

Part 2

  • Complete a reflective journal containing a minimum of 5 entries:
  • Approximately 100 words each which should include key transferable skills/entries such as: time management; problem solving; empathy; multi-tasking; communication; decision making; resilience; and financial management.

Level of Commitment

30 hours to include

Home-based management and leadership

20 hours

Independent Study

10 hours


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