Volunteer Placement Scheme (BSc Communication and Counselling Studies)

In Year 2 of the BSc Communication and Counselling Studies, students will undertake a Voluntary Placement Scheme with Childline.

Outline of Activity

Following successful recruitment interview and clear AccessNI Check, students will undertake assessed Childline Training, comprising nine Modules. Students who successfully complete the training will commence their Voluntary Placement, committing to 40 Childline shifts (x 4 hours each) over 9-12 months, with a minimum of three shifts per month

Learning Outcomes

1. To develop experience of employment application processes, including the completion of application form, participating in interview process, and undertaking role-specific training.

2. To apply core communication and counselling theoretical understanding and practical skills within a therapeutic role in a formal employment setting.

3. To convey professionalism, including reliability, commitment, integrity, confidentiality and sensitivity in a voluntary therapeutic role.

4. To demonstrate the capacity for reflection and self-awareness by evaluating strengths and limitations in undertaking therapeutic role.

Assessment Details

Students will be allocated a University Placement Supervisor and a Childline Placement Supervisor.

The University Placement Supervisor will meet with the student on two occasions during their Placement, once in Semester 1 and once in Semester 2.

The Childline Placement Supervisor will be asked to complete an Assessment Form in the 2nd Placement Visit, which will form part of the students' assessment for the activity. Additionally, students will be asked to complete a Reflective Report (2000 words) on their Placement Experience, to be submitted after the 40 shifts have been completed.

Level of Commitment

200 hours

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