Virtual Exchange Programme (BA Hons English students)

This Edge Activity will allow you to engage with the cultural exchange programme run by St Petersburg College Florida.

Outline of Activity

It will be of interest if you are considering studying in the USA as this activity will allow you to experience learning in an American based college remotely alongside the opportunity to participate in a number of associated exchange activities including shared literary, cultural, historical and musical events between Ulster and St Petersburg.

Learning Outcomes

Enhanced written and oral communication skills. The opportunity to learn about Irish and American literature, culture and history. Gain insights into the American educational system and learn about another culture.

Dedicated extra curricular classes will allow you to learn about Florida and the United States, while also discovering more about your home area. You will be given the opportunity to develop your writing and communication skills, developing your confidence and building your academic network across the Atlantic.

Assessment Details

Applicants will produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates the insights gained from the range of activities that they carried out as part of this activity.

Level of Commitment

20 hours

Related Staff

Dr Frank Ferguson

Research Director - English Language and Literature
School of Arts & Humanities
+44 28 7012 3577
I008 - Coleraine campus

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