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UU Phlebotomy Course

This phlebotomy training programme in adult venepuncture will incorporate academic learning in addition to practical application.

Outline of Activity

The period of training lasts up to 3 months, leading to an assessment conducted by a Phlebotomy Assessor or Trainer as recognised by the National Association of Phlebotomists (NAP). This is open to all year groups for students in Life and Health Sciences.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in Phlebotomy, for use within Ulster University
  2. To explain health and safety practices with regard to phlebotomy
  3. To explain basic principles of anatomy and physiology relevant to phlebotomy
  4. To explain the principles of venepuncture
  5. To identify suitable sites for venepuncture and the correct equipment and bottles required for phlebotomy
  6. To make aware possible complications arising from venepuncture
  7. To identify professional standards and codes of practice required for UU phlebotomy.

Assessment Details

Oral theory exam.
10th, 20th and 30th successful blood draw assessed.
Certificate valid for 1 year.

Level of Commitment

Two day course to include 12 hours:


Assimilated practice

Theory exam

3 supervised draws plus 27 further successful draws taken within 3 months of course (with 10th, 20th and 30th successful blood draw assessed) before trainee certified.


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