Ulster University Ensemble & Developing Enterprise Capability

Developing enterprise capacity via membership of the Ulster University Ensemble which enhances enterprise skills and develops commercial awareness for freelance work.

Outline of Activity

This EDGE Award accredited activity is centred on learning and developing enterprise skills acquired through the various activities required to be a member of the Ulster University Ensemble. Articulating and evidencing your skills via written evidence i.e. CV / Application / Interview is a key requirement of commencing your engagement with future employers. This activity develops key employability skills such as commercial awareness, decision making, problem solving, working independently and communicating professionally. through active / practical learning in the activates required to be an active member of the ensemble. Committing this additional work and time outside your university course enhances your university experience and future employability. It also gives recognition that you have continued your self-learning beyond the classroom environment.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the importance of being an active member of Ulster University Ensemble and how this additional work and commitment enhances your future employability

  • Understand the importance of developing commercial awareness is a key skill for securing future freelance work
  • Identify examples of transferable skills gained through participation in the ensemble and demonstrate how it will influence your future employability
  • Understand the importance of working independently, sourcing opportunities and decision making
  • Articulate how you deliver performances to diverse audiences

Assessment Details

  • Create a visual poster (developed from a provided template containing four images and four text boxes, maximum 100 words each) detailing your skill development and how these skills will enhance your future employability.
  • One must be demonstrating commercial awareness and one must be evidence of working independently.

Level of Commitment

  • Each candidate must be able to authentically demonstrate 20 hrs of structured instrumental engagement building a strong team for performance
  • 10 hrs of Performance Delivery



The IPO Ensemble is an experimental music group that performs works from the experimental canon and compositions by members of the ensemble. The ensemble is led by Dr Rob Casey, lecturer in Music at Ulster University, Magee. Rob has been successful in the Faculty Research Excellence Award competition in the Early-Career Researcher category.

Recent research activities include this summer's premiere in Dublin of his piece 'Still and All' alongside a commission by renowned US composer Christian Wolff (supported by a South Dublin County Council Emerging Artist Award). Other recent initiatives include his establishment of the IPO Ensemble at Magee, co-chairing the ISSTA 2018 (Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association) conference (paper track) and serving as secretary of ISSTA, and establishing a monthly experimental music concert series in partnership with Cultúrlann.

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