Ulster PR Student Blog

An 'Ulster PR Student Blog' has been created on WordPress, the content for which will be largely written by students from any year group in the School of Communication across a number of UG programmes which have a public relations component.

Outline of Activity

Students can use their posts to comment on topics associated with public relations and lobbying - for instance: particular topics which come up in their lectures; thoughts raised by guest speakers who talk to PR classes; PR campaigns, case studies and examples they see; dissertation topics; their personal perspectives of life as a PR student; their experiences on work placement; taking their first steps on the PR career ladder; events and activities they attend outside modules such as those arranged locally by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and their responses to discussions of PR on social media.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to identify public relations topics of interest to students and practitioners
  • Gain experience of applying theoretical and critical awareness to practical and professional issues
  • Articulate their thoughts on these topics in a concise and effective manner
  • Develop practical skills around writing, IT, social media and networking
  • Generate content and an online presence designed to assist in their ultimate career path.

Assessment Details

Students who wish their contribution to the Ulster PR Student blog to be accepted as an EDGE activity must make at least 4 blog posts over an academic year.

They must also provide me with details of the extent to which they have promoted their post across a range of social media and of the responses which have been generated.

Level of Commitment

The commitment level required will obviously vary from student to student, depending on the number of posts they actually write.

However, I would suggest that to research, draft and produce a finished post, including appropriate links and visuals, and to then promote it through a variety of social media would take approximately 5 hours.

So in order to have their work accepted as an EDGE activity, each student would need to make 4 posts over the year.

Related Staff

Dr Conor McGrath

Lecturer in Public Relations
School of Communication and Media
+44 28 9536 5773
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