Student Mentor and Curriculum Collaborator

Student undergraduates will act as mentors to students of a lower year group.

Outline of Activity

Student will mentor younger students within a module offering guidance to enhance their engagement and belonging. The students will also contribute and collaborate with staff on curriculum design helping them to offer a student centred experience.

Learning Outcomes

Students develop their mentoring skills through induction, mentoring and reflection.

Students employability will be enhanced with opportunities for:

  • Presenting
  • Team leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Contributing to curriculum meetings
  • Providing student feedback
  • Monitoring student groups performance
  • Engagement

Assessment Details

The students must:

  • attend the training induction session
  • attend and contribute to mentoring sessions as timetabled by academic
  • attend and contribute to reflective meetings as timetables by academic
  • present a reflection on their contribution, their findings and their development from participating in the process - this can be a written report or an end of year presentation.

Level of Commitment

30 hours with 20+ hours mentoring and other hours involved in planning, reflection and collaborative design activities.

30 hours with 20+ hours to include:

  • Mentoring
  • Planning
  • Reflection
  • Collaborative design activities

Related Staff

Professor Michaela Black

Professor of Artificial Intelligence
School of Computing, Eng & Intel. Sys
+44 28 7167 5553
MS127 - Magee campus

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