Peer Learning for assessment and feedback

Students will provide at least two hours input as peer facilitators providing direct input into seminars focusing on assessment and feedback.

Outline of Activity

Facilitate two one hour sessions with peers from the year below.

Learning Outcomes

  • Outline the key elements of peer educational support in Higher Education
  • Recognise the benefits of peer assessment and review in constructing new knowledge.
  • Identify issues that could arise in peer facilitation and feedback sessions.
  • Reflection on the range of issues facing first year student's learning experience.
  • Utilise IT/TEL to complete peer review task.
  • Demonstrate ability to work as part of a team and independently throughout.

Assessment Details

Students will be asked to attend an induction workshop, participate in a BBL group discussion reflecting on their skills development and write a 500 word reflective piece on the value of peer mentoring.

Level of Commitment

30 hours:

2 hour induction
10 hours preparation on essay plans and receiving feedback and subject-relevant content
Facilitate 2 x one hour face-to-face seminar sessions
Participate in an online group discussion forum 3 hours
Prepare reflective piece (13 hours)