Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Ambassador

Students will engage in outreach activities, which will assist in promotion of the programmes within the school and in informing prospective students and their parents and teachers.

Outline of Activity

The key focus of this ambassador outreach activity is to allow students to develop effective communication skills and improve confidence through interacting with a range of audiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain the experience of interacting with a range of people and presenting to a range of audiences
  • To be able to work effectively as part of a team
  • To gain time management skills, professionalism and reliability
  • To improve confidence in public speaking.

Assessment Details

Students will participate in a minimum of five separate events or activities which must include at least two University events, ie Open Days, Induction or UCAS Conversion event outlined above. They will complete:

  • A 300 word summary on each event outlining the success of the event.
  • A 500 word self-reflection at the end, outlining the benefits of the Student Ambassador programme and the skills obtained in participating in it.

Level of Commitment

30 hours to include the following responsibilities and activities;

  • To attend the induction event (September, Week 0) to welcome new students to our programmes.
  • To act as a student ambassador at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Open Days in September. This will involve speaking to prospective students and their parents/teachers on the School stand and assisting with tours of the School and University.
  • To act as a student ambassador at the UCAS Conversion event in February. This will involve speaking to students who have gained offers of a place on the MPharm or MSci programmes, informing them of your experience and showing them around the School and University.
  • To present to pupils at your previous place of study (School, College) and informing them on your degree programme and your experience of studying at Ulster University.
  • To engage in other outreach activities which will assist in promoting the School and programmes, e.g. Careers fair, Information evening,
    School visit, Airshow, All Systems Go event, School promotional videos.
  • To work with the lead for Civic Engagement within the School in planning of events and in reporting on events attended.
  • If required, act as a mentor to offer support and advice to new students.

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