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School of Communication Student Ambassador

This scheme has been set up to formally record and acknowledge the excellent work in promotion, information-giving, and support activities that many of our students undertake in relation to their programmes.

Outline of Activity

Students from the School of Communication play a central role in the promotion, outreach and marketing of our programmes, as well as the induction and mentoring of new students to the School. Your student experience is of utmost interest to new applicants (and their parents/teachers) and is often the crucial factor in helping applicants to make an informed choice to study one of our programmes.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the activity students will be able to demonstrate:

  • Promotional and persuasive communication skills
  • The ability to interact professionally with a range of people and audiences
  • Commitment, professionalism and reliability
  • Marketing, promotion and event management skills
  • Good organisational and time-management skills
  • The ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • The ability to use initiative and to work under supervision
  • Mentoring and support-giving skills
  • Adaptability to changing environment.

Assessment Details

Students will be expected to participate in a minimum of five separate events or activities drawn from
the 'Key Responsibilities and Activities' above) and to complete:

  • a diary of event participation,
  • a short self-assessment and
  • a self-reflection at the end of their term as Student Ambassador.

The self-reflection will incorporate an evaluation of their own personal and professional development, based on the activities that they
have participated in. The diary, self-assessment and self-reflection will be sent for verification to the coordinator of the Student Ambassador scheme.

Level of Commitment

20 hours.

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