School of Art- Peer Mentoring Programme

Second year students are selected to act as peer mentors for all new first year students.

Outline of Activity

Mentors are training through workshops on mentoring, talks from Students Union and Student Support. Mentors are required to contact mentees on a weekly basis to provide social rather than academic support. Mentors will plan activities to engage with mentees and will work together with other mentors in other degree programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • A student will understand the role of a peer mentor
  • A student will be able to communicate effectively orally, and in writing
  • Be able to manage their time effectively
  • A student will be able to use effectively, information and communication technology tools and skills
  • A student will be able to work independently
  • A student will be able to work effectively in teams.

Assessment Details

The student mentor will complete a PowerPoint presentation, reflecting on their experience as a mentor, including training, successes and challenges, and reflecting on their own personal development through the program.

Level of Commitment

Students will be expected to commit to at least one hour per week for 30 weeks which includes:

  • Emailing
  • Contacting mentees
  • Face to face meetings
  • Activities