Quantitative Research Skills Peer Mentoring

Level 6 students will provide support and encouragement to Level 5 students on the Quantitative Research Methods module.

Outline of Activity

This will include helping to facilitate (under supervision) various quantitative research skills activities, and providing support in the SPSS computer-based workshops.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the ability to provide encouragement, support and/or guidance to students who are having difficulty with quantitative research skills
  • Identify issues that could arise in peer facilitation and feedback sessions.
  • Reflect on the specific issues and barriers to learning that students encounter in quantitative methods courses
  • Demonstrate ability to work as part of a team and independently throughout
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate quantitative research skills effectively
  • Produce a learning diary (either text-based or audio),which demonstrates the ability to reflect on some of the pedagogical issues associated with their mentoring role.

Assessment Details

Students will be asked to keep a reflective learning diary as either a word document or audio file, and comment specifically on the pedagogical issues associated with their mentoring role on the module.

As part of this process they will be encouraged to reflect on their successes as well as identify things they would do differently.

Level of Commitment

40 hours to include

Induction session introducing students to duties associated with their role

1 x 2 hour

Preparation time for their mentoring role in the workshops

15-20 hours

Contact time with students in workshops

3-4 hours

Feedback/debriefing session with staff

1 x 2 hour

Preparing and writing/recording the reflective diary

10 hours