Psyching Teams

This activity will enable year 2 and final year students to provide practical psychological skills to support to participants in endurance exercise activities.

Outline of Activity

The activity will include formal training on evidence-based psychological skills benefiting endurance exercise performance and offering psychological skills support at event expos (disseminating advice including leaflets), at the event start-line, and along the event route. Students are required to complete the psyching team training and to provide psychological skills support at a minimum of two events. Successful applicants will also need to demonstrate a basic knowledge and understanding of psychological skills (essential) and the application of psychological skills in a sporting environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of the psychological skills and their relevance to endurance exercise
  • Disseminate and effectively communicate evidence-based strategies to the general public in a rage of settings
  • Develop skills in the presentation of scientific information
  • Work as part of a collaborative team in a practical based activity.

Assessment Details

  • Attend psyching team training (1 day plus pre-event training)
  • Reflective diary and portfolio: Students will be expected to keep a reflective diary and portfolio in which they record their experience of all training and practical work completed.
  • The completed diary and portfolio should total 1500-2000 words.

Level of Commitment

Minimum of 20 hours to include

Psyching Team training

5 hours

Psyching team participation at endurance events. Students must be willing to travel to event locations and at times outside of regular hours (e.g. at weekends).

6 hours each x 2 events

Write up reflective diary and develop portfolio of evidence for each event

3 hours


Related Staff

Dr Noel Brick

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology
School of Psychology
+44 28 7012 3111
G117 - Coleraine campus

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