Pre Placement Portfolio (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

This is an enrichment activity taken by Year 2 HTM students at Belfast and Coleraine campuses. It aims to: enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the work environment and provide them with the opportunity to develop employability skills.

Outline of Activity

The module will encourage students to take a proactive approach to career and personal development planning. It will include preparation on elements such as CV writing, interview techniques, placement and job seeking.

Learning Outcomes

Successful students will be able to:

Develop confidence, independence, self-reliance and a professional approach to their career planning and make informed career choices.

Assessment Details

The placement preparation portfolio should be completed by all students and will include the following in a staple bound document:

1. Student Profile Form

2. Curriculum Vitae

3. Self-assessment and Career Decision Making Activities

4. Career Interests Profile

Students may also add evidence of placement preparation activity, such as application forms, cover letters and self-evaluation of interview performance.

Level of Commitment

Students are timetabled for two hours for 12 weeks in Semester 1. Independent time and effort are also required to research, prepare for and secure the desired placement opportunity.

Related Staff

Dr Sinead Furey

Lecturer in Consumer Management and Food Innovation
Department of Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
+44 28 7012 3964
L106B - Coleraine campus

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Robert McKenna

Lecturer in Hospitality Management (Operations Management)
Department of Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt
+44 28 9536 7395
BA-02-014 - Belfast campus

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