Peer Assisted Study Skills 1

PASS is a teaching initiative derived from the American model of Supplemental Instruction (SI), which involves using senior students (PASS leaders) to facilitate group learning in modules you have successfully completed.

Outline of Activity

The rationale behind these modules is to train you in the basic elements of PASS thereby enabling you to facilitate study sessions for groups of lower year students in a non-threatening environment. In doing so, it will allow for the revision of material and the development of key employability skills. You will be expected to work in pairs to facilitate weekly study sessions (one hour) with groups of students from the year below. You will also be expected to attend weekly debrief sessions, lasting approximately 30 minutes. In addition, you must attend two days of training and complete the associated assessment activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Outline the key elements of the PASS approach
  • Recognise the benefits of group work
  • Identify some of the key study skills that could be used in PASS sessions
  • Discuss issues that could arise when conducting sessions
  • Reflect on issues facing students in HE paying particular attention to those influencing the first year experience
  • Discriminate among a range of opportunities
  • Display relevant PASS techniques
  • Show commitment to the PASS process
  • Reflect on personal development
  • Communicate effectively in written form
  • Utilise IT resources to retrieve and organise information;
  • Manage time effectively
  • Work as part of a team and work independently in a sustained manner.

Assessment Details

You will be expected to attend the training workshops, facilitate weekly discussion groups and attend weekly debrief sessions. In addition, you will be required to keep a weekly reflective diary and write a 500 word review of your experience with the PASS process.

Level of Commitment

100 hours.

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