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Outreach perspective

This activity is open to nursing students in any year.

Outline of Activity

Nursing students have opportunities within the course to participate and represent the School of Nursing at research exercises, curriculum design, outreach and marketing events and induction sessions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Work collaboratively with a range of professional, academic, business support, researchers and the general public.
  • Analyse and develop their presentation of self to others (through use of appropriate body language, tone of speech).
  • Advance their self-confidence and motivation skills.
  • Expand their repertoire of communication skills.
  • Recognise their contribution to the outreach, marketing and collaboration activity of the school.

Assessment Details

Students will complete a record of each activity and record a short statement recording what they have gained from the activity. Participation should be verified by the organiser of the event or Debbie Goode.
Students should submit this account to Debbie within 2 weeks of the final activity

Level of Commitment

Organisation, Preparation, Recording and Reflection: At least 5 hours
Participation and Involvement in activity:At least 25 hours


Debbie Goode

School of Nursing


Tel:  028 7167 5219