Marketing Institute of Ireland Pitch Competition

This Pitch is a competition were students are asked to reflect upon the Future of Work for Marketing Graduates.

Outline of Activity

Students are required to deliver a five minute online live pitch presentation on the future of work and the impact upon marketing graduates in 2021. The UK workforce in 2030 will be multi-generational, older, more international and female. Technology will be pervasive, jobs more fluid and the global labour market highly competitive (UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 2014). This means your employability skills and demonstrating continuing professional development is key.

Learning Outcomes

Students will reflect upon:

  • The Future of Work and the impact upon the marketing function
  • The Future of Work and new marketing graduates

Assessment Details

  • Attend three mentoring sessions
  • Create a pitch presentation
  • Submit a 700 word reflective learning log

Level of Commitment

  • Attendance at three mentoring sessions - 3 hours (one hour per session)
  • Create pitch presentation - 20 hours (peer to peer time)


Please see The Marketing of Ireland website for more information

Please contact Lisa Harkness to view marketing scheme.

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