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Legal Internships

A student will be tasked with providing research, advice, drafting and representation for a range of law firms, voluntary and statutory organisations, to assist them in their future development and progress.

Outline of Activity

The nature of this work is particularly relevant in light of the recommendations of the Civil and Family Justice Review recently conducted by Lord Justice Gillen and his reference to pro bono activities including that provided by the award winning Ulster University Law Clinic, under whose supervision, these internships will be conducted.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance their research skills
  • Enhance their advocacy skills
  • Develop and extend their ability to assess relevant and irrelevant research material.
  • Appreciate the value of academic material in a practical setting, specifically how it can enhance and direct the activity and plans of voluntary and statutory NGOs.

Assessment Details

Level of Commitment

20+ hours.

The student will be required to write a 800 -1,000 word reflective evaluation of the experience.
These projects have been given funding under the Provosts Outreach Funding, there will be a public launch of the Ulster University Law Clinic/One Safe Place Project, at the Magee Campus on March 27th 2018.
A research report has been presented to COPNI by the University Science Shop.

KRW Law are to commence a second tranche of legal interns in April 2018.

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