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Language made fun!

The purpose of the proposed activity "Language made fun!" is to assist children of refugees and asylum seekers with their English, in an informal setting.

Outline of Activity

The programme will involve a 2 x ten week programmes and one group based 3 week programme, where the students deliver a play based programme focussing on the acquisition of English language skills to a number of identified children. The students will be supervised by Language and Linguistics staff during this project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply theoretical linguistics tools to the assessment of language skills of non-native speakers of English.
  • Apply theoretical tools of language acquisition to teaching language via non-traditional methods.
  • Communicate ideas about language in writing.
  • Reflect on the effectiveness of play-based approached to language learning.

Assessment Details

A weekly journal for the duration of the project. Produce a 1500-word report summarising the weekly journal and reflecting on the activity as a whole.

Level of Commitment

80 hours to include:

The programme is envisaged as a two semester activity:

10 weeks x 90 minutes per session x 2 semesters

Supervision/preparation for the programme: 10 hours x 2 semesters

Assessment preparation: 30 hours


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