Luach Breise (‘Added Value’)

This is a unique opportunity for full-time students to gain work experience through work-based learning.

Outline of Activity

Luach Breise (‘Added Value’) is an internship opportunity for BA Irish Language and Literature students with community groups and companies in the Irish language sector.

Learning Outcomes

Students are given the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, working with innovative companies and organisations in the Irish language sector. Generic graduate qualities (professionalism, punctuality, attitude, appearance, etc.) are developed alongside language-specific skills (communicating effectively, translating accurately, working as part of a team, etc.) throughout this project.

Assessment Details

Participating students are required to maintain a reflective log or online blog throughout this period of.
Employers also complete a short feedback pro forma at the end of the period of work-based learning and a certificate is awarded to the student on successful completion

Level of Commitment

Participants are expected to complete 30 hours in a single semester engaged in this work-based learning.

For example, a student would spend five hours per week with a particular group/company for a period of six weeks:
5 hours x 6 weeks = 30 hours.

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