Business - Interview Skills Development

The simulator is designed for repeat student engagement to develop skills.

Outline of Activity

Students across all undergraduate and postgraduate years, including part-time, in the Ulster University Business School are provided with access to interview simulation software to assist them in developing their interview skills in addition to assessment centre advice, learning modules and question directories among other practical tasks.

Learning Outcomes

  • They have engaged with the interview simulator through timed interviews and other simulated activities
  • Used the interview simulator to enhance their interview skills and personal and professional development
  • Developed confidence in interview performance and proficiency; and enhanced their overall employability profile.

Assessment Details

To be given credit for this activity students must demonstrate at least 18 hours of engagement in simulated activities and interview skills development through the portal including, for example:

  • evidence of timed interviews
  • accessed learning modules
  • developed pitches
  • engaged with the question directory amongst other simulated activities

Students will be required to submit evidence of these activities and a 500-750 word reflective commentary on how the simulated activities contributed to enhancing their employability through improved interview skills, confidence and professional performance.

Level of Commitment

20 hours to include

Interview Simulator

18 hours

Reflective commentary

2 hours

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